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Reed Johnson

Trey and Brad with Chicago Cub Reed Johnson and his dog Shooter

"Pet Patio Pickup provided the perfect solution for my wife and I while Shooter was recovering from surgery on his hind legs. Thanks again guys!"

- Reed Johnson

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“...the best thing I've discovered. A must, especially for high-rise dwellers. Awesome for those late night and in-between walks.”

—Renee W.

“Having real grass out on our balcony is perfect when it's raining outside, cold, middle of night, or for a quick potty break. I've tried other synthetic grass potty options that only left my balcony smelly. Also, cleaning those things was such a pain.”

—Justin J.

“We bought a puppy a few months back and our little grass pad was a saving grace for potty training—he was trained on it in 2 weeks. Their focus on customer service and efficiency is amazing. I can't recommend them enough!”

—Rhoda R.

"Getting a puppy in the elevator and downstairs in a matter of seconds (especially at 4am) is nearly impossible. This really is the easiest way we've found to potty train our puppy and with great, friendly service and awesome prices we couldn't ask for more! Love love love PPP!"

—Rita G.

“As a person with a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to go outside, Pet Patio Pickup has allowed me to have a service dog (and companion) in the city. I could not be more happy or grateful for this indispensable service which has added so much to my life.”

—Dr. Richard G.

“Thanks so much for everything over the past year. Pet Patio is the best service in Chicago! Now Bebe has her own 2 acre Pet Patio! Thanks again and take care.”

—Kate A.

“Great concept for dog owners who live in a high rise and don't want the hassle of getting dressed and taking their dog outside… a huge convenience.”

—Nancy G.

“Especially nice during inclement weather and first thing in the morning since we're not morning people. We take our puppy to the park or beach for walks for exercise but in the meantime if our puppy has a quick potty need the Pet Patio is the perfect answer. This is an awesome service.”

—Jen T.

“I don't know why anyone with a balcony would NOT have Pet Patio. As a customer of Pet Patio for over a year, I can only say great things about the company.”

—Amy W.

“Very nice staff and a big help for my little pups!”

—Robert P.


“I live 30 floors up with my puppy. If he has to go at 2 a.m., and again at 5 a.m., or has diarrhea or anything else, what am I supposed to do? Wait 15 minutes for the elevator and take him outside in the freezing snow? No. All I have to do is open my patio door and my puppy races outside and eliminates on the all natural grass mat. It's so easy!

These guys are clean, calm, professional, and always on time. Totally recommended.”

—Robert E.


“You literally were the answer to my dreams… and I think that Chanelle, our dog, is the happiest of us all.”

—Kristie M. and Chanelle


"Quick, clean, efficient and a tremendous asset to the dog lovers in my building. I have recommended this service to several of the people."

—Mark D.

"We would not have been able to get our puppy Riley this past winter without your service. It would have been difficult to potty train Riley living on the 34th floor in the middle of the city in sub-zero weather! He took to the grass right away and consistently used it all winter.“

—Paul and Jodi G.

"...Such a wonderful solution for our dog's needs. She has really taken to her grassy spots on our balcony. It is an especially appreciated arrangement in the early morning and late at night. She has no more accidents, and we're loving it. We don't know what we'd do without Pet Patio Pickup!”

—Don and Cherie N.

“What can we say about Pet Patio Pick-Up. Certainly not enough because they are fantastic! Puppy pads were making our house stinky. Fortunately for us, we found PPP. It’s especially handy when those cold Chicago winters hit. The service is exceptional… they are in and out of our condo in a jiffy.

—Amy and Aaron G.


“Ragley is getting to be quite the senior citizen and was having to go to the bathroom at all hours of the night. No fun walking your dog at 3am in downtown Chicago! This service has literally changed my life and my dogs as well. When she gets up in the middle of the night I can just let her out on the balcony. She LOVES the grass! It is really sanitary and you guys are so quick, clean and professional when you change it out.”


“When Cubby was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his hind leg and the veterinarians recommended amputation, I was panicked over the idea of having to carry Cubby's 60+ pounds up and down stairs during recovery. Your grass patios were the answer to my prayers, and have worked SO WELL."

Although Cubby is now fully recovered from surgery, we are still using the grass patio because it gives Cubby's legs a break and is so handy late at night or early in the morning. I continue to be ever-thankful for your flexible scheduling and outstanding customer service."

—Michele C. & Cubby

"Pet Patio pickup is an amazing service! We have turned our high-rise balcony into a safe, easy and natural potty area for our 4 month old puppy."

"It doesn't smell, it's very convenient and is much better than worrying about accidents in the elevator. This will help with the remainder of our training, as well as high rise living and an extreme weathered city. Thank you!!"


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